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Sakura Limited Edition Goods

Japan is the land of kawaii. And during Spring season, you'll find endless limited edition mecha kawaii Sakura goods! So if you will be here during this season, why not try these?

Convenience Store Desserts

Even Japanese convenience store food are of good quality; their ready-to-eat products are good enough that if you're trying to save while on a trip in Japan, buying mostly from Convenience stores is not a bad idea! Likewise, even their desserts are quite good, some are tru ly cafe-worthy.

Lawson: Sakura Water Jelly

Lawson's line of desserts is under their shelves called Uchi Cafe, and I've been trying to get my hands on the dessert below but to no avail! I might have visited 4 or 5 stores but it's always not there! It's very similar to the Mizu Shingen Nochi or water cake, which can be found at Yamanashi Prefecture.

Seven eleven

I've also tried Sakura desserts from other shops and they're not bad, you know! I particularly liked this one from seven eleven which also has an actual sakura flower inside. The saltiness of the flower is unexpectedly a nice touch to the sweetness of the rest of the dessert.

Even other convenience stores have special desserts and it's quite fun trying them since most are usually quite nice.

Department Store Desserts

Usually on the basement floors of department stores like Takashimaya, Isetan, etc, there are so many desserts shop with plenty of tempting and tantalizing goods, and Spring season is a good opportunity to see limited edition sweets. There are also branches of hotel bakeries or major chocolaterie/pattisserie here, so one would be able to see a wide range of choices while browsing just one floor.

I gave in and bought the desserts from the above photo. It was fun to eat, since it comes in separate containers, but you can mix them together in your own bowl once you reach home, as you can see from the photos below.


Even in other countries, Starbucks is selling Sakura goods, so it would be very surprising if they didn't have it in Japan! They have uber cute and pink desserts that may not be available in other countries.

Coca Cola

This is also a super limited edition bottle of Coke but I find that it is also not so easy to find.


Sakura Highball

Highball is a popular alcoholic drink in Japan and it is usually made with whiskey and soda, but there are many different variations, and this time we found a Sakura version at a Tamils branch in Shinagawa station. It was nicer than I expected and the Sakura flavor added a slight sweetness to the bitter taste of whiskey.


Asahi always releases a Sakura limited edition can during Spring, and this year is no exception. Now that I come to think of it, it's a good idea since may Japanese drink beer during Hanami (if allowed)

Makeup and Skincare

Skincare in special pink packaging are no exception during spring, and although not widely advertised in their website, I saw that SK-II also sells their special Sakura bottle in Department Stores. If you go to Plaza which is a cosmetics shop, there are shelves displayed full of pink-themed products!

Whether you like pink or not, or think that it is too girly, Sakura season and the limited goods it brings are definitely an interesting part of spring!

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