Seoul | Not a filter: Seeing in 2D at Cafe 연남동 239-20

April 25, 2018

Earlier this month I travelled over the weekend to Seoul, and had such a great time with my dear Chloe and her Ben <3 It was so much fun cafe hopping, acting like Korean princesses, shopping, and meat-ing on Korean BBQ! (we are sorry to say that we have a far, long, impossible way to go to being vegetarians)


Our first stop was at a cafe in Mapo-gu, and conveniently it was near the airbnb we were staying in, near Hongik University Station. We've already seen it online before coming here, which is why we purposely went there, and I must say if I didn't I wouldn't accidentally come across it unless I was staying near the street it was in. 


It was definitely cute and amusing!

It is quite a small space, but due to its hidden location it is not crowded at all. This doesn't mean the food is not good though! I personally liked the drinks we ordered though the food is okay, but not exceptional.

*actual bimbo conversation*

A: How's the drink?

C: Hm, it's very chocolate-y.

A: Yeah, the strawberry is also very strawberry-y.


we're sorry we are not like this in real life


(Sorry for the vertical orientation of the video below, I took this for IG Stories)

Overall it's a good place to relax and just chill, and definitely an instagenic cafe. 



Cafe 연남동 239-20

韓国 Seoul, Mapo-gu, 연남동 239-20 1층 카페

Click the map below for easier reference since most of the information online are still in Korean :)



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