Trying Kobe beef for the first time

November 14, 2018

When people hear the word Kobe, some people get reminded of the basketball player, and some of juicy beef. I'm the latter. OMG that was lame. Anyway!


It was my first time to ever try Kobe beef in my life, and in its actual birthplace nonetheless! And boy, what an experience it was!


Obviously there are a lot of places to have Kobe beef in Kobe, but we chose a restaurant called Sai-Dining since we felt is was good cost performance-wise. We felt that the course meal was worth The reviews and rating are also fantastic.

But wait, do we really understand what Kobe beef is?


Difference of Wagyu and Kobe beef


At first, what is Wagyu? Wagyu translates to Japanese cow, and it can be any of four breeds of Japanese cattle characterized by its higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than typical beef. You can also recognize wagyu for its marbling (which makes it pretty and also gives it that melt-in-your-mouth texture).


Kobe beef is under one the four breeds mentioned above, Japanese black cattle from Hyogo prefecture. Therefore, there is no difference between wagyu and Kobe beef, rather, Kobe beef is a type of Wagyu beef, but probably the most famous internationally.


So now we are ready to get down to the meaty part!


The course included foie gras. Delicious. (I could only hope though, that the ducks were treated ethically in obtaining this wonderful meal):

The grilled veggies were also very scrumptious!

And for the main event of that night, we weren't disappointed at all! The beef, and all that marbling:

Including this fire show! Splendid. (gif)


 Again, in still shots:

So how was the taste? Ah-mayzing, but we already expected that, didn't we? Although the truth though is that, not being used to such amount of fats, we were a bit overwhelmed and almost couldn't finish the beef. But worry not, because of course we did.

 And always, always there's room for dessert.


Sai Dining







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