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Diary: A visit to the Office

I had to go to the office again for a company meeting. Going there, I was relieved that there were few people on the train, and even fewer people in the office. Only our team having a meeting with a group of more than 10 (which IS NOT supposed to be good).

The sakura was in full bloom. I hope that next year, we can enjoy and appreciate it much more. This year, everybody should stay indoors!

Sakura in Full bloom, 2020

We also received a Line message asking us about our current condition, quite a relief, knowing that the government is trying to do something.

A questionnaire through Line asking us about our current condition.

Going home, however, was a bit stressful. There were so many people! I honestly got a bit irritated when someone stood so close to me. I wonder if these people ever read foreign news...

Still hoping though, that the cases will not jump exponentially from now.

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