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November 2, 2018

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I love cafe hopping. I like hiding away from people, so I love spending time alone in pretty cafes, just typing away and editing photos when I have the chance (obviously this chance is limited given the small amount of content I post in social media). That's what I love to do on weekends as well, and fortunately, it's not lacking in cafes in Japan.



This weekend we went to a special cafe available only from Oct 19-31, 2018. It was held by Nepia, a tissue company. We actually love this tissue especially when we have colds because it doesn't dry the nose like other tissues! Definitely recommend when you're buying tissue in Japan. They had cute limited edition boxes which were quite expensive at ¥800 but oh well we bought anyway.

We didn't notice immediately that these desserts were made of tissue.




Outfit details:

Shoes: Stylenanda

Top: Dejou.jp


Website: http://hana-celeb.com/hanayashiki/ 










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